What did you do on your 30th birthday>?

Answer had the biggest party i've ever had. I was surprised so many people showed up. (some people i didn't even know) many might have been there just for the party but it was still fun.

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What does a net 30th prox mean?

Net 30th prox is an accounting term often used on invoices. Net refers to the "whole payment" or "whole balance," and prox is short for proximo, which is Latin for next. The term means whole paymen... Read More »

What is the survival rate of a fetus born in 30th weeks?

Over 90% survival rate for a fetus born at 30 weeks, and each extra week in the womb adds to the survival rate, and the overall development of the fetus. There is always the risk of problems with a... Read More »

What are the correct Songs & Words for 92.5 JOE & 103.9 CISN in Edmonton for Friday, October 30th?

CISNBBFF Nobody12 Ronnie Milsap workedJOEMaureen's Last Word - Rumer Willis worked9 Not Ready To Go11 AnimalCHEDOilers Mystery Player - Theo Peckham worked for meScotia Bank Trivia - LucySaskTel Bu... Read More »

What Are The Correct Songs & Words For 92.5 JOE FM & 103.9 CISN In Edmonton For Thursday, April 30th.?

Hola, So Juan, I had to check out what is a Cabana Boy 1. A sexy guy with a tan that he gets from working out on the beach and serving the tourists daquiris (Tequila Sunrises) and rum (Rye) and c... Read More »