What is a 100th cousin?

Answer No one can make such a connection because the needed records do not exist except perhaps for some descendants of Confucius, but a 100th cousin would be the 99-great grandchild of the sibling of one... Read More »

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What is the 100th even number?

Two hundred is the 100th even number. Find the answer using the formula 2*n; n is 100 in this case. Multiply two times 100 to find the solution of 200.References:"Teaching and Learning Algebra"; Do... Read More »

How to Celebrate a 100th Birthday?

Happy birthday, Dad!Do you know a friend, family member, or relative who just turned 100 years old? Living to be 100 is a milestone to really celebrate with them. Once you hit 100, there is no goin... Read More »

Activities for the 100th Day in School?

Celebrating the 100th day of school can be a way to include games, books and other special activities as an alternative to the everyday schedule. Observing this milestone day of school is a good wa... Read More »

100th Day T-Shirt Ideas?

The 100th day of school is an important milestone for teachers and students, as it marks how much progress they have made in the school year. Celebrate the special occasion by sporting a creative T... Read More »