What is physical abuse in a relationship?

Answer Physical abuse is a type of violence that often occurs to someone who is weaker than another individual. People who are abused often have a close relationship with the person who is abusing them.De... Read More »

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Are children more likely to commit suicide from name calling verbal abuse or physical abuse?

Not an expert on this stuff but I would say verbal abuse has a much bigger effect than physical. Verbal abuse messes with your mind to where people would be driven to do such a thing as take their ... Read More »

How often does verbal&mental abuse turn into physical abuse?

On One Hand: Emotional Abuse is Strong Indicator of ViolenceMeasuring the frequency that abuse turns violent is difficult, as up to half of abuse is unreported. However, the chief indicators of fut... Read More »

What is relationship abuse?

According to the Center for Relationship Abuse Awareness, relationship abuse refers to a pattern of abusive behavior demonstrated by an intimate partner. The abuse is used to maintain control over... Read More »

What is physical abuse on children?

Answerphysical abuse on children, slapping and something that is harming the child.Answer Physical abuse is the same no matter what the age of the victim is. All that changes is the responsibility ... Read More »