What is photocopy transfer paper?

Answer If you're trying to figure out how to get a design, photo or other image onto fabric, you can do it at home with an inexpensive product, clothes iron, and printer or photocopier. Some projects may... Read More »

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How to photocopy my green card so both sides are on the paper?

Actually you don't need a scanner, just a copier, no need to use the computer. Simply put your card face down about an inch or two lower than the top edge of your paper will be, try to center the... Read More »

What is transfer paper?

Transfer paper takes an image to a crafter's project. From traditional carbon paper to modern ink- and laser-jet printed designs, transfer paper aids the crafter in placing a design where it is des... Read More »

What is tattoo transfer paper?

Tattoo transfer paper is used to put an inked or sketched image on the skin, and it is an important part of the tattooing process. Tattoo transfer paper is the stuff that is used in creating tempor... Read More »

What transfer paper do you use for a heat press?

The transfer paper you use for a heat press is called sublimating paper. This creates a reaction between the ink and paper that allows it to stick to the surface of a T-shirt or object. Sublimation... Read More »