Is being very tired eating a lot being sick and having headaches signs of being pregnant?

Answer Answer Yes, those can all be symptoms of pregnancy. Take a home test or go see a doctor to find out for sure.

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Texas Labor Laws: Being Terminated for Being Sick?

Employment laws are up to the individual states. Texas is an "at will" employment state, meaning that the employer can terminate the employment agreement at any time for any reason as long as it is... Read More »

What is one food you won't eat being sick?

What is one mixed drink you desire after being sick?

Not sure if this has to do with being sick but I truly love Bloody Mary's. I feel justified because it is a vegetable, lol! If I can feeling not so well, I use way less of the spice and only a litt... Read More »

What is your first comfort food after being sick?

A homemade chocolate cake, preferably made by you, theBlue Ribbon prize winner of homemade chocolate cakes. :)So happy you are feeling better! :)