What is phishing protection on my computer?

Answer Phishing is a serious online risk that can lead to lowered credit ratings, among other negative effects. A computer that has some kind of phishing protection will decrease that possible result.Sign... Read More »

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How to Enable Phishing & Malware Protection?

All three major browsers on the market, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Apple's Safari, have built-in phishing and malware protection. When turned on, these browsers will warn you when you a... Read More »

Why a Phishing Filter Slows Down a Computer?

Phishing is a form of identity theft that is usually employed through email. The email comes from a company that appears to be legitimate, and contains a link to another site. This site requests pe... Read More »

Does the Microsoft phishing filter slow down computer speed?

The Microsoft phising filter does slow down computer speed when evaluating a web page. This slow down usually occurs when a web page contains many frames, or you browse too many frames in a short p... Read More »

Is it possible to have too much protection on a computer?

Yes, for example if you have AVG you do NOT need MS free Defender and indeed they may even be incompatible.For maximum protection, all anybody needs is :AVG or AVIRA anti-virusAd-Aware anti spywa... Read More »