What is philosophy of religion?

Answer According to "The Stanford Encyclopedia of Religion," philosophy of religion is the "philosophical examination of the central themes and concepts involved in religious traditions." As such, it cove... Read More »

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How to Teach Yourself the Philosophy of Religion?

Philosophy of religion examines the possible existence of God and speculates on His role and influence in the universe. Philosophers of religion can be religious believers, agnostics or atheists, s... Read More »

How to Explore the Philosophy of Religion?

The philosophy of religion deals with the big questions about God and religion: does God exist? Are we justified in believing in God? Should we make a leap of faith? What ought our response be to e... Read More »

Did the Qin Dynasty Follow a Religion or Certain Philosophy?

The Qin Dynasty, part of the "Warring States Period" in Chinese history, believed in a strict philosophy called Legalism that demanded tight control over the populace by public institutions. This p... Read More »

Is science at odds with religion&philosophy?

On One Hand: The Two Disciplines Are Very Different.Science bases its principles on testing hypotheses and documenting verified facts. Religion, on the other hand, requires faith to function--a be... Read More »