Are petroleum&naval jelly the same?

Answer No, petroleum jelly and naval jelly are different products. Petroleum jelly is a skin care ointment used to relieve dry or chapped skin. Naval jelly is a harsh chemical mixture used to remove rust ... Read More »

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Different Ways to Use Petroleum Jelly?

A colorless and odorless ointment, petroleum jelly is the staple of many bathroom medicine cabinets. Petroleum jelly has a variety of potential uses and applications around the house. This semi-sol... Read More »

Uses of Petroleum Jelly Vaseline?

Petroleum jelly is a product that can be found in many households. It is a mixture of mineral oils, microcrystalline waxes and paraffin. Vaseline is the brand name for petroleum jelly. There are ma... Read More »

Does Vaseline petroleum jelly contain peanut oil?

According to, Vaseline petroleum jelly has been used as a skin treatment to heal cuts and burns since 1859. Vaseline contains sunflower seed oil, mineral oil and myriad other ingredien... Read More »

Difference Between Vaseline & Petroleum Jelly?

Vaseline is a common household product used by many people as a skin protectant, lubricant and for the house. Although Vaseline and petroleum jelly are relatively cheap product with many uses, some... Read More »