What is perlite or vermiculite?

Answer Perlite, also called vermiculite, is a stone-like volcanic glass that has some highly unique characteristics and applications.The FactsPerlite/vermiculite is a volcanic rock that has the unique abi... Read More »

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What is perlite used for?

The natural substance perlite has several uses. Potting soil, fertilizer and seed mixes often contain perlite because it is lightweight and sterile. Perlite also serves as an abrasive in products s... Read More »

How to Grow with Perlite?

Perlite is a pH-neutral, white volcanic mineral with some useful properties for gardeners. The mineral is heated, causing it to expand to many times its original size. It's then cooled, sorted and ... Read More »

Does perlite contain asbestos?

Geologists classify perlite as a form of the volcanic rock rhyolite. According to the Perlite Institute, as of 2002, tests reveal no trace of asbestos in perlite. The volcanic rock and asbestos, a ... Read More »

Sources for Perlite?

There are many applications in the home and garden industry for perlite, and everyone from a contracted foreman to a backyard gardener can use it. With no harmful chemicals or fillers, perlite is a... Read More »