What headphones are equally as good in quality as 'Bose' but perhaps cheaper?

Answer You might search the "Headcans" website which does headphone reviews.Bose are .. OK. But a friend of mine bought some of the sound-isolation units because he was doing lots of air-travel. After ab... Read More »

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BB9: Hmmm perhaps we should keep Rebecca in for entertainment value, what do you think?

The name alone is enough for me to want her out...dR badoh.. were you talking about BB...?

I want a video camera and would like to spend around £400 or perhaps less in the sales - what should I buy?

If your looking to buy a good Video Camera then you probably want to go for either Sony or Canon. they are both probably the best of the makes. The HD idea could also be a very satifying move as th... Read More »

Perhaps the tallest cast in tv history starred harry Anderson and john larroquette 6-4 and Richard moll 6-8 what show?

A bit too early to test perhaps?

Good luck KK! I already gave you my advice! Best wishes friend! =)Baby dust**~~~*****~~~~~****~~~~****~~~~****~…