What is performance evaluation?

Answer The most common way managers evaluate employees is through a performance evaluation, which is an evaluation of an employee's performance and is based on the assessment of what was expected of the e... Read More »

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What is a good performance evaluation?

On One Hand: Behavioral Ratings Can Be GoodBehaviorally anchored rating scales (BARS) can be an effective way to evaluate performance. By defining the behavior of an employee, a clear and substanti... Read More »

What should you say during a performance evaluation?

Performance management is incorporated into the organizational structure of most companies today. It is a way for businesses to manage the performance of their employees by evaluating their product... Read More »

What happens when a company gives a performance evaluation?

A job performance evaluation consists of a defined reflection of how your boss feels you currently perform basic job duties, how well you work with your co-workers, your work ethic and your demeano... Read More »

Performance Evaluation Tools?

Evaluating employees is an important part of motivating employees and helping them to be more successful on the job. When a performance evaluation is successful, the employee is encouraged to work ... Read More »