What is pepperoni made from?

Answer There is more than one recipe for pepperoni. However, basic ingredients include beef or pork, salt, sugar, black pepper, paprika, cayenne pepper, garlic and cracked anise or fennel seeds. Pepperoni... Read More »

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What is pepperoni made out of?

There is not one specific recipe for pepperoni. However, typical ingredients include pork or beef, cracked fennel or anise seeds, salt, black pepper, sugar, garlic and paprika. Dried sausages, such... Read More »

What pepperoni pizza?

Round Table has a really good 4-Pepperoni pizza.

Is pepperoni pizza kosher?

Pepperoni pizza is not kosher. Kosher law prohibits the consumption of pork products. While some beef versions of pepperoni do exist, they would still not be kosher on a pizza. Jewish dietary law p... Read More »

Is pepperoni safe during pregnancy?

Yes it is--however it has a high fat and calorie count. Since it is spicy, it might give you heartburn. All in all, it is safe, but may not be the best quality food choice.