What is people's problem with Google?

Answer i know!, that's usually how i answer questions if i'm feeling helpful, other days i just say 'use google!'

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New Facebook won't load with google chrome with Sony google tv. Anyone having this problem & how do you fix it?

All u have to do is zoom out n the screen will pop back up to the new facebook hold the right top zoom button then slide analog mouse down n thats it u back business....

Problem with Google Chrome.?

You need to take two actions—Reinstall it and scan and fix system errors with Reginout. This is appropriate solution for your problem.

Problem With Google Chrome?

go to tools and check the 'always show bookmarks bar' option. a little tick should appear at the side of it when its doneor simply press 'ctrl+shift+B'

Problem with google docs?

Sounds like you may have had in intermittent network connection. If so, you might want to use Google Docs in Offline mode. It will sync online also, so no need to worry about not syncing. Here are ... Read More »