What is people's problem with Google?

Answer i know!, that's usually how i answer questions if i'm feeling helpful, other days i just say 'use google!'

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Would Google be able to answer most peoples questions on here?

Not really, this shows the opinions of many people so you can make decisions. google is more factual. Factual questions can go to google.

Is really google are stealing peoples personal information?

This is called Keeping not Stealing, if you are talking about the Google Privacy Policy. In Privacy Policy Google has declared that it will keep our all information CONFIDENTIAL.

New Facebook won't load with google chrome with Sony google tv. Anyone having this problem & how do you fix it?

All u have to do is zoom out n the screen will pop back up to the new facebook hold the right top zoom button then slide analog mouse down n thats it u back business....

Help! Google problem!?

look at the hundreds of other questions in this category about the same thingahh, i love how easy it is to get two points like this!