What is penny stock trading?

Answer Penny stock trading has long been a favorite activity among retail or part-time investors. Along with great opportunity comes great risk. Those investing in penny stocks must understand the risks a... Read More »

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How to Learn Penny Stock Trading?

Now that the Internet has hundreds of online brokerage websites that will give you information about all stocks in general, and penny stocks in particular, choosing what to buy has never been easie... Read More »

What is common penny stock?

The Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) considers any stock with a value less than $5 to be a penny stock, while some traders and brokers have a $3 or $1 limit.References:NASDAQ: The Lowdown on ... Read More »

What is a put in stock trading?

A put is a type of option used by investors who anticipate a stock will fall in price much like a short position. Its opposite is a call, which is bought by investors who anticipate a stock will ri... Read More »

What is a stock trading company?

A stock trading company is a business that buys and sells shares in a public company. These shares are called stocks and they trade on various world exchanges called stock markets. According to the... Read More »