What is pennsylvania's seatbelt law?

Answer The state of Pennsylvania has enacted occupant protection laws dedicated to increasing usage of seat belts and child safety restraints. Drivers are responsible for ensuring that their passengers co... Read More »

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What Are the Dangers of Not Wearing Your Seatbelt?

The dangers of not wearing your seat belt vary in severity. Clearly, the increased risk of death or injury tops the list for most people. If you choose to ride unrestrained, it is increasingly like... Read More »

What states is it illegal to not wear a seatbelt?

New Hampshire is the only State that doesn't have a law for ADULTS. All 50 States have a law requiring MINORS to wear a Seatbelt. Now if you want to waste time talking about laws then the best way ... Read More »

How to Add a Seatbelt Pad in a Car?

Ever wondered how to fit a seat belt pad to the seat belt? This article explains the basics.

How to Seatbelt Air?

A seatbelt air is a simple grab trick just like the indy, but with the front hand instead.