I broke a pencil in half, and put them in my ears to look like I had a pencil through my head...?

Answer punch the girl in the face and laugh

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Is it okay to use a lip liner pencil or eyeliner pencil on my hair?

you could use lip or eyeliner pencils to cover grey roots a bit, or fill in a tiny bald area.But,because they are wax and lanolin (or similar) base, they will not actually color your hair in red, ... Read More »

What is a ferrule on a pencil?

A ferrule is a metal ring used to secure the end of a wooden handle and to attach an item to the handle. Erasers are attached to the ends of pencils using a ferrule.MaterialsPencil ferrules are com... Read More »

What Is a Kohl Pencil?

The kohl pencil's roots go back to ancient times when thousands of years ago Egyptians mixed a paste of lead sulfide or antimony sulfide to use around their eyes. Pencils made of the substance prov... Read More »

What is a graphite pencil?

Natural graphite is a form of crystalline carbon with qualities that make it useful for drawing and writing. The graphite in a pencil consists of a mixture of graphite and clay, often--but not alwa... Read More »