What is pediatric school psychology?

Answer In general, psychology is the study of the human mind and behavior. Pediatric school psychology is a specialty within the field and deals with providing services to children under 18 years of age i... Read More »

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The Difference Between School Psychology & Educational Psychology?

School plays a large role in a child's life and children have to be provided with an atmosphere that is conducive to learning. The school and the educational system need to understand how children ... Read More »

What is the school of psychology?

The school of psychology is the total of all the theories of psychology, which endeavour to understand the human psyche. Each classic psychologist has provided different influences, but most hold d... Read More »

What is school psychology?

School psychology refers to the study of children and adolescents and the psychological topics relevant to their lives. These topics include counseling, psychological disorders, learning and develo... Read More »

What Classes Do I Have to Take in High School if I Want to Do Psychology in College?

Psychologists devote themselves to study of the human mind and its function. A good psychologist must adhere to the rigor of science, yet stay open to the subjectivity found in social sciences lik... Read More »