What is pediatric eye cancer?

Answer Pediatric eye cancer, also known as retinoblastoma, is a malignant tumor in the retina of the eye. A hereditary disease, it is the most diagnosed eye tumor among children and usually onsets before ... Read More »

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What is a pediatric cancer ribbon?

A pediatric cancer ribbon is a gold-colored ribbon worn or displayed in support of curing childhood cancers. Organizations and individuals use the ribbon to raise awareness, support and funding for... Read More »

Anyone know the source of the claim that the pediatric (childhood) cancer rate is up 10,000% in 50 years?

I don't know the source of the myth, but I can supply you with a bit of ammunition if you want to show the alties how wrong they are.Here are statistics for childhood cancer in US: http://www.cance... Read More »

Person still alive and cancer free after using the cancer cure mentioned in "outsmart your cancer"?

What is pediatric nursing?

Pediatric nurses work with sick and hurt children in hospitals, doctor's offices and schools. Pediatric nurses also serve as educational advocates for distraught parents and relatives.HistoryAccord... Read More »