What is pediatric asthma?

Answer Pediatric asthma is a chronic lung condition that develops before the age of 18 and typically continues into adulthood. About 9 million children in the United States suffer from the condition, as o... Read More »

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How to Treat Asthma in Pediatric Patients?

Your child may have restrictive airway disease, otherwise known as asthma, but it is a common problem and if you know how to treat asthma in pediatric patients, you can work to control the conditio... Read More »

Pediatric Phlebotomy?

From a child's perspective, having blood drawn can be a scary procedure. It takes a skilled pediatric phlebotomist to know how to calm an anxious child and get the necessary samples in a quick and ... Read More »

What is a pediatric orthopedist?

A pediatric orthopedist is a physician who specializes in treating musculoskeletal injuries or bone and joint problems in children. Examples of these problems include skeletal deformities, such as ... Read More »

What is a pediatric oncologist?

A pediatric oncologist is a doctor that specializes in cancer in children. Some doctors may be affiliated with a hospital, while others may do research for a university.IdentificationAccording to t... Read More »