Peanut Butter with Crackers or Peanut Butter on a Bagel Which do you like better?

Answer peanut butter with crackersHappy Memorial Day to you too, and happy to see you covered in the our flag.

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Who made Big Top peanut butter?

William T. Young's company, W.T. Young Foods, developed Big Top peanut butter. Young eventually sold the Big Top label to Procter & Gamble in 1954, managing its peanut butter production until 1957.... Read More »

Does peanut butter make you fat i love peanut butter and jelly.?

In reality, it is the jelly that you eat with it. It would take a lot of peanut butter to make you gain weight. The answer, without all the hype and hog wash, is no, not alone.

Who made the formula for peanut butter?

George Washington Carver developed the formula for peanut butter. He came up with 325 peanut-derived products such as soap, ink and dyes. Carver was born a slave in Missouri, and eventually went to... Read More »

When was peter pan peanut butter made?

Peter Pan peanut butter was first made in 1928, according to the ConAgra website. The site goes on to say Peter Pan peanut butter was one of the first shelf-stable peanut butters sold, in which the... Read More »