Peach Schnapps in Europe?

Answer Here in England we have lidl and aldi (in most eu countries) an they sell a cheap peach schnapps called oscars. It's about £6 and tastes great.We have Archers the real brand of peach schnapps.I we... Read More »

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Is a- quarter of a cooking cup of peach schnapps (20% alcohol)?

A shot is 1.5 oz and a quarter cup is 2 oz.

Whats the difference between DeKuyper® Sour Apple Pucker schnapps and Mr. Boston Sour Apple Schnapps?

The only real difference is the name. They're both sour apple schnapps which is what the recipe calls for. There might be some slight variations in taste, but most people wouldn't be able to tell t... Read More »

Whats goes with the color peach I have peach walls...Please help?

I have peach wall. From late fall to early spring I accessorize with the color burgundy-dk red. In the late spring and early fall I accessorize with light colors of light blue and light green.(she... Read More »

How do I grow peach trees from peach pits?

Choosing PitsChoose pits from several different varieties of peaches because pits vary unpredictably in their ability to germinate. Remove flesh from pits and wash them.Storing PitsStore pits in a ... Read More »