What is pc2100 memory?

Answer Computer memory, often called RAM, or SDRAM, comes in various speeds and sizes. Different motherboard configurations can require different types of RAM. PC2100 is a 184-pin configuration with a spe... Read More »

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Will PC2-5300 memory work in place of PC2100 memory?

PC5300 memory is not compatible with PC2100, according to memory maker Crucial. PC2100 memory falls into the class of the original DDR RAM, while PC5300 is DDR2. You can use PC4200 in place of PC53... Read More »

Is pc3200 memory compatible with pc2100 memory?

Yes. All types of DDR (double data rate) memory is compatible with other DDR. However, if you already have PC3200(400mHz) and you are adding PC2100 (266mHz) you will see a slowdown in performance f... Read More »

Is PC2100 memory compatible with PC2700 memory?

All memory is designed to work with previous models. You can put faster memory into a computer that was built for slower memory, but you will be limited to the speed at which the slowest component ... Read More »

What Is PC2100 DDR Memory?

PC2100 double data rate (DDR) memory is a type of random access memory (RAM) that functions at a frequency of 133 MHz or an effective frequency of 266 MHz, since it is effectively doubled as a DDR.