What is patent research?

Answer Patent research is a common activity in the field of intellectual property law, which means conducting research to learn how to properly file a patent or to discover whether a certain new idea or d... Read More »

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What is a patent research?

Research conducted before a patent application is drafted is called a prior art search. Conducting a rigorous prior art search can save thousands of dollars in attorney fees, and doing so will incr... Read More »

How to Research Patent Numbers?

Patent numbers are used to access valuable information on items such as the inventor's name, patent issue date and the purpose and use of the original item. Finding information on a specific invent... Read More »

What is the difference between patent attorneys and patent agents?

Patent attorneys and patent agents both help inventors process patent applications, but only attorneys can represent inventors in litigation or legal transactions.The Role of Patent AttorneysAttorn... Read More »

How to Get a Patent on the Improvement of an Existing Patent?

Perhaps you've written additional code that works with an existing software program. Or you've added a feature to a kitchen tool, such as attaching a magnet to a cooking mitt. Regardless of what im... Read More »