What is patent infringement?

Answer Patent infringement is when a patented invention is produced without the consent of the patent holder by the producer. Patents protect the patent holder in the country in the country where the pate... Read More »

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Who can sue for a patent infringement?

The owner of the patent can sue for infringement. If the patent owner has transferred or assigned his rights to another individual or company, then his assignee is able to sue, and he is not. Simil... Read More »

Patent Infringement Risks?

Patents issued by the Patent and Trademark Office of the United States, or PTO, protect the intellectual property of an inventor. According to the PTO, the grant of a patent gives the holder "the r... Read More »

Remedies for Patent Infringement?

Legal protection for creative fruits of labor is provided for in Article I, Section 8 of the United States Constitution. The specific power given to Congress is in "...securing for limited times to... Read More »

Infringement of Patent Rights?

Infringement refers to the unauthorized manufacturing or sale of a patented product. This legal term also describes a situation where at least one patent claim of one manufacturer overlaps with the... Read More »