What are Patanol drops?

Answer Patanol or olopatadine hydrochloride opthalmic 0.1 percent solution is a prescription medication designed to treat the symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis. Patients use Patanol as prescribed by the... Read More »

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Is patanol a steroid?

Patanol is not considered a steroid. It is an antihistamine. Patanol is used to treat allergic conditions of the eye, such as burning, watering or itching. It is prescribed in the form of eye drops... Read More »

Which is better: patanol or pataday?

On One Hand: They Contain the Same Active IngredientBoth Pataday and Patanol are antihistimine eye drops that rely on the active ingredient olopatadine hydrochloride to treat itchy eyes caused by a... Read More »

Are otc eyedrops just as effective as patanol?

The generic name of Patanol is olopatadine. It is also the active ingredient in Pataday, which contains twice the dose per drop and is also available by prescription from your doctor. Olopatadine... Read More »