What is pastry flour?

Answer According to O Chef, pastry flour is a low-protein flour used in pastries and other goods requiring the specific properties low protein content provides.Protein ContentPastry flour contains between... Read More »

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Can you substitute all-purpose flour with pastry flour?

On One Hand: For Quickbreads and CakesPastry flour is a perfect substitute for all-purpose flour if you are baking softer, less glutenous things like cupcakes, cakes, pastries, brownies or cookies.... Read More »

Is graham flour used as a pastry flour?

Graham flour is often used as pastry flour. Also referred to as wheat graham flour, it has a course texture and is typically mixed with other flours as a source of added fiber.References:Paul's Gra... Read More »

What is whole wheat pastry flour?

Whole-wheat pastry flour contains the germ and bran portions of wheat that are normally extracted from most flours. Whole-wheat pastry flour is used frequently in baked goods, including cookies, ta... Read More »

How is pastry flour made?

Flour is developed differently depending on the intended use. Baking flour or pastry flour is typically derived from wheat, although it can be made from legumes, nuts, rice, corn or even some fruit... Read More »