What is passive solar design?

Answer Passive solar design uses the natural energy from the sun to heat and cool buildings. Ideally, elements that enhance the passive use of solar energy are built into a building at the time of constru... Read More »

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What are the benefits of passive solar design?

Passive solar design allows a building to take full advantage of the sun's energy for consistent temperatures throughout the year and access to natural light. Passive solar design complements or pr... Read More »

What is a passive solar home?

A passive solar home is a home that minimizes the need for mechanical assistance for heating or cooling. Heating and cooling are achieved by the design, materials and positioning of the home based ... Read More »

What is passive solar thermal mass?

Passive solar thermal mass comprises materials used in building construction that absorb, store and release heat from the sun. It includes both solids and liquids, such as water, bricks and concret... Read More »

What is a passive solar heating system?

A passive solar heating system is any arrangement that employs building elements to naturally accumulate and release energy from the sun in order to help meet a structure's interior climate control... Read More »