My husband just found out his has a partial torn ligament and partial tibia fracture in his ankle.?

Answer First off he doesn't have a tibia fracture in his ankle. The Tibial is your shin bone, not your ankle. So he either has a fracture of the Tibial or a fracture in his ankle but he does not have a ti... Read More »

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Is a valplast upgrade partial or a 'lower fulcrum metal' partial better for 2 missing molars on either side of the lower jaw?

What is the melting point of gold&does gold have a high or low melting point?

The melting point of gold is 1,948 degrees Fahrenheit, which is on the higher end for metals. Tungsten has the highest melting point of any metal: 6,170 degrees Fahrenheit. The lowest melting point... Read More »

What Are Partial Properties?

As programming and coding languages evolve, more sophisticated and involved programming techniques are developed. Programmers must keep up with these innovations, but so too must programming langua... Read More »

What are partial dentures?

Dentures are removable appliances which replace natural teeth and the surrounding tissue. You may be more familiar with complete dentures that replace a full set of missing teeth. Partial dentures ... Read More »