What is parental consent?

Answer it is your parents giving you permition to do something ~Statik Fury

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What is the age limit for marriage with parental consent in NM?

You both should be over 21 years of age to get married.I also suggest that you both should have jobs as well.

What is the youngest age you can get a tattoo without parental consent anywhere in the U.S?

18 is the youngest age you can get it without parental supervision.

At what age can you get married without parental consent in Oklahoma or the surrounding states?

AnswerYou have to be 18 to marry without parental consent in Oklahoma. I think if you are young enough to be asking this question, then you should think about waiting. The next few years of your li... Read More »

What are the pros and cons of teens taking birth control without parental consent?

You have to have parental consent to have birth control and they have to have it from the doctor if you don't get it from either of them and if you are below 21 you should not be having sex and get... Read More »