What is Hungarian paprika made from?

Answer Hungarian paprika is made from dried pods of the pepper plant, or capsicum annuum. They are ground down into the red spicy powder known as paprika. The heat of paprika depends on the type of pepper... Read More »

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Types Of Paprika?

Paprika is a flavorful, red spice, commonly used to dust deviled eggs or add depth to chili recipes. Paprika spice comes from dried, sweet red chili peppers that are originally native to North and ... Read More »

I have a recipe that needs paprika, I don't have any, what can I use instead?

If you think paprika is only for color, and has no taste, then you've been using it wrong. Paprika has a really good flavor. You really should try to get some... maybe borrow some from a neighbor... Read More »

How to Select Paprika?

Paprika is a spice made from dried ground red peppers. It is a wonderful addition to many dishes, imparting flavour and spiciness in a variety of cuisines at a level that is hot enough to give a li... Read More »

What do i use smoked paprika on?

Smoked paprika is a spice popular in Spanish cooking made by smoking ground pimiento peppers. It is commonly available at gourmet grocery stores in sweet, medium and hot varieties.TraditionSpanish ... Read More »