Vestibular Papilloma?

Answer Vestibular papilloma is a rare condition in which small pink bumps grow on the inside surfaces of the vulva. These bumps, or papillae, may be confused with genital warts, but have a different appea... Read More »

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Signs & Symptoms of Human Papilloma Virus in the Lungs?

Even with today's advanced medical technology, scientists are still unsure what causes human papilloma virus, or HPV. With more than 60 types of HVPs affecting millions of people each year, two spe... Read More »

What are the risks in a pregnancy with positive human papilloma virus?

Answer Most HPV's can be cured, but if you have cervical cancer they may have to end the pregnancy because you will have to take chemo or radiation. But many women come in contact with HPV and it ... Read More »