What is panko chicken?

Answer Panko is a flaky type of Japanese breadcrumb used to coat raw foods such as chicken prior to cooking. Panko breadcrumbs originated in recipes for Asian cuisine. Panko chicken is an Asian-America in... Read More »

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What is panko bread?

Panko is the name for Japanese-style bread crumbs. These bread crumbs are lighter than American-style bread crumbs, making them perfect for coating foods before frying to create a crunchy crust.Pro... Read More »

How to Get Panko Crumbs?

Culinary exploration into diverse national cuisines has augmented the ingredient possibilities for the kitchen. Panko is a type of breading native to Japanese cooking. It has no flavor of its own... Read More »

How is panko made?

Panko is a type of Japanese bread crumb. Unlike other types of bread crumbs, panko maintains a light color and chewy texture. When fried, this coating is much crispier than standard bread crumbs.Br... Read More »

How to Make Wasabi Panko Ahi?

Raw ahi tuna, or sashimi, has always been a popular dish in Hawaii. From sushi to enjoying it with soy sauce, there's many ways to eat ahi. To wow mouths at a gathering or potluck, try this crunchy... Read More »