What is paneling with grooves called?

Answer Paneling with grooves is called beadboard. Beadboard paneling has thin, raised strips for each panel. This type of paneling became widely used in the 1920s and is still used in homes today. You can... Read More »

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How do I fill in paneling grooves?

Apply CaulkConsider what you plan to do with the wall after you fill in the paneling grooves. Choose a method that works best with your application. Take as example caulk, which you must tape over ... Read More »

Types of Music Grooves?

Groove is an abstract concept that refers to the "feel" of a rhythm. For example, any kind of drum beat can have its own distinct groove. The groove is feel that drummer puts into the beat, governe... Read More »

How to Fix Brake Rotor Grooves?

Brake rotor grooves are the result of dirt and debris trapped between the brake pads and the discs. Grooves can also be caused by brake pads that are worn down to the metal backing pads. If your ro... Read More »

How to Get Grooves Cut in Golf Clubs?

The United States Golf Association has changed the rules about the grooves that can be cut in golf clubs. The guidelines were altered to make the sport more challenging. Basically, the new shape an... Read More »