What is palm kernel oil?

Answer Palm kernel oil is made by extracting the oil of the palm fruit seeds.The high fat content of the oil makes it an ideal ingredient in culinary, cosmetic and other uses. Palm fruit was traditionally... Read More »

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Is palm kernel a nut?

Yes. A palm kernel is the seed of the oil palm, most often the African oil palm (Elaeis guineensis); a hard inner shell, or endocarp, protects the seed until the oil palm fruit decays or is eaten b... Read More »

Allergies to Palm Kernel Oil?

Palm kernel oil is a highly saturated fat from tropical regions that is considered healthy by many. This type of oil has been common for years in body products but has, in more recent years, began ... Read More »

Can olive oil be be substituted for palm kernel oil in soap making?

Olive oil can be used in soap making, but requires a different technique and a different oil to fragrance ratio than palm kernel oil. Because olive oil does not solidify at room temperature like pa... Read More »

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