What is palliative systemic chemotherapy for colorectal cancer?

Answer Colorectal cancer is a collective term used to describe cancers of the colon and rectum. When colorectal cancers reach their advanced stages, chemotherapy is sometimes used to ease cancer symptoms ... Read More »

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What is palliative systemic chemotherapy?

Palliative cancer treatments are not intended to cure cancer. They are meant to provide comfort and prolong life once the cancer has been deemed incurable. Systemic chemotherapy is a common palliat... Read More »

What are the symptoms of colorectal cancer?

AnswerThe symptoms can range from having no symptoms at all to having bleeding from the rectum to having abdominal or pelvic pain. Because most people do not have symptoms at all, it is recommended... Read More »

What is the treatment for metastatic colorectal cancer ?

Metastatic colorectal cancer is a form of cancer that develops in the colon or rectum and spreads to other parts of the body. Due to its invasive nature, it can be incredibly difficult to treat.Loc... Read More »

How does chemotherapy kill cancer?

Chemotherapy is used to kill various fast-growing cell diseases, most notably cancer. Chemotherapy is an effective cancer treatment, but has a high risk of side effects.DefinationChemotherapy is a ... Read More »