What is palliative systemic chemotherapy?

Answer Palliative cancer treatments are not intended to cure cancer. They are meant to provide comfort and prolong life once the cancer has been deemed incurable. Systemic chemotherapy is a common palliat... Read More »

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What is palliative systemic chemotherapy for colorectal cancer?

Colorectal cancer is a collective term used to describe cancers of the colon and rectum. When colorectal cancers reach their advanced stages, chemotherapy is sometimes used to ease cancer symptoms ... Read More »

What is systemic strep?

Systemic strep describes that the bacteria that causes strep has spread throughout the body.

What is a systemic chemical?

Air Force, Army and Marine CorpsThe United States Code explicitly limits the total number of generals that may be concurrently active to 302 for the Army, 279 for the Air Force, and 80 for the Mari... Read More »

What is a systemic insecticide?

Systemic insectide is a insectide that's absorbed through the roots of plants and makes the plants toxic. It works against bugs that suck or chew or the plant, such as aphids or caterpillers. It is... Read More »