What is palliative systemic chemotherapy?

Answer Palliative cancer treatments are not intended to cure cancer. They are meant to provide comfort and prolong life once the cancer has been deemed incurable. Systemic chemotherapy is a common palliat... Read More »

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What is palliative systemic chemotherapy for colorectal cancer?

Colorectal cancer is a collective term used to describe cancers of the colon and rectum. When colorectal cancers reach their advanced stages, chemotherapy is sometimes used to ease cancer symptoms ... Read More »

Description of a Pediatric Palliative Nurse?

A pediatric palliative nurse is responsible for not just the physical treatment of a child, but also the emotional, spiritual and social aspects of the child's well being. Palliative pediatric nurs... Read More »

Alternative hospice or palliative care do you know of a good place for someone to die - ?

google the question. I have heard of young people who are sick stay in nursing homes.

Is there an unwritten rule that says that palliative care nurses will give patients an overdose of morphine?

not at all palliative care is to keep the patient pain free and comfortable but never ever to give an overdose