What is owned in a condo?

Answer You can review your governing documents and determine exactly what you own. Every set of governing documents that cover condominiums is different from every other set of governing documents.Look in... Read More »

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A lien for unpaid assessments has been placed on your unit by the condo association - can they foreclose on your condo owned outright?

You can find the answer you want in your governing documents.Usually, regardless of the ownership status -- outright ownership or mortgaged -- unpaid condominium assessments represent an automatic ... Read More »

Can Condo units be converted to privately owned duplexes?

That type of change cannot be made by any single unit owner. However, in most states there are provisions in the law that allow a condominium project to be withdrawn from condominium status by agre... Read More »

Is interior wiring within walls owned by all in common in a condo?

It all depends.Read your governing documents to determine the line where your individual ownership stops and the common area or limited common area starts. Often this is described as at the 'studs'... Read More »

Are interior wires within walls considered commonly owned in a condo?

You can find the answer you want in your state's condominium law where it may define default ownership lines. Then, read your governing documents to discover how they have altered the ownership lin... Read More »