What is overseeding?

Answer Overseeding literally means using too much seed for the area. Most seed packages have instructions on how far apart to plant and/or how much ground the package will cover. Overseeding stunts the gr... Read More »

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Proper Overseeding of Lawn?

If your lawn is looking a bit thin despite fertilizer applications, it may benefit from an overseeding application. Following a few simple guidelines can help you complete your task successfully. ... Read More »

Overseeding and Dead Grass?

Lawns need renovation when 20 percent to 40 percent of the grass is dead or dying, according to the University of Minnesota. However, lawns that have less than 20 percent dead grass can be overseed... Read More »

How much does top soil&overseeding cost?

Topsoil costs $8 to $20 per cubic yard, depending on quality and location. Delivery charges for topsoil cost $15 to $60 depending on circumstance. You can buy topsoil for $2 to $5 a bag. Overseedin... Read More »

How do I calculate grass seed for overseeding?

Measure the length and width of the area for seeding. Multiply the length (in feet) of the patch, by the width (in feet) to determine the total square footage of the area. An example is an area 20 ... Read More »