What is overflow incontinence?

Answer Overflow incontinence is a medical condition in which the flow of urine cannot be controlled because the bladder does not fully empty. This leads to dribbling of urine throughout the day and night.... Read More »

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What are the causes of overflow incontinence?

According to the Mayo Clinic, urinary incontinence is "the inability to control the release of urine from your bladder." Although there are several different types of incontinence, overflow inconti... Read More »

What is a stack overflow?

A stack overflow is a memory malfunction when a piece of hardware requests the use of more RAM (Random Access Memory) than there is available. This can cause problems with the operation of some har... Read More »

What is incontinence ?

Incontinence refers to involuntary urination (urinary incontinence) or defecation (fecal incontinence). The inability to control your bladder or bowel movements ranges from occasional leakage to c... Read More »

What can you do for incontinence?

Incontinence can be a stressful and emotionally damaging problem. Sufferers are unable to control urination and may begin to urinate at inopportune times or leak small amounts of urine. Incontinenc... Read More »