What is overclocking and how does it work?

Answer Overclocking is when you push you CPU or RAM to go faster then the factory settings. ie: you can overclock a 3.0 GHZ CPU to 3.2 GHZ. I really wouldn't recommend doing it though unless your experien... Read More »

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What is overclocking a processor?

Overclocking computer processors is a very common practice among gamers and computer enthusiasts. It is relatively easy to do and can provide a noticeable upgrade, although there are some associate... Read More »

What is overclocking a graphics card?

Overclocking is the procedure of heightening the clock rate of a computer component by more than its usual specifications. It is usually done by gamers who want to increase their computer's perform... Read More »

Ecs 570 gtx overclocking?

570 GTX at only 785Mhz? LMFAO The version I built is 930Mhz o.O

Gtx 570 Overclocking Problems?

how much did you overclock it then?lets say for example the stock gpu clock is 800mhz and that give you lets say 40fpsif you then increase the clock by 10% (880mhz) it would give you 44fps, so its ... Read More »