What is overclocking and how does it work?

Answer Overclocking is when you push you CPU or RAM to go faster then the factory settings. ie: you can overclock a 3.0 GHZ CPU to 3.2 GHZ. I really wouldn't recommend doing it though unless your experien... Read More »

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Overclocking or just some help?

it's can you run it…your problem is the graphics card, it's not powerful enough to display on ultra settings or even high when there are that many players/... Read More »

Ecs 570 gtx overclocking?

570 GTX at only 785Mhz? LMFAO The version I built is 930Mhz o.O

Overclocking gpu will not allow me?

PCI cards are not OC capable. PCIe cards are.

Overclocking RAM help?

This is easy good sir. First you need a screw driver and and your new RAM ready to place. First of you need to open your computer hardrive case and find out where you RAM is stored. Next ou take ou... Read More »