What is ova anime?

Answer OVA stands for "Original Video Animation," an acronym which is sometimes reordered as OAV ("Original Animation Video"). It's a term used by anime (Japanese animation) fans to refer to shows that ar... Read More »

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How long will anime be around why is anime a big hype in America and all over the world what about china don't they make anime what animation do they make let me guess nothing am i right?

A style of animation developed in Japan, characterized by stylized colorful art and often adult themes.[Japanese, short for animÄ“shon, animation, from English Read More »

How to Download Anime for Free from Anime

Do you love Naruto, Bleach, Eureka 7, Descendants of Darkness, and other anime/manga shows? Do you want to be able to get them for free online for you to watch again and again? Here's how!

What is anime X TV about?

The anime television show called "X" was directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri and is a show that is about a series of characters who are chasing a person who has stolen a legendary sword and used it to co... Read More »

What was the best anime?

I don't think there is an answer to this question, considering the answer depends solely on one's opinion. Also, anime is still being produced so even if there was a best, it could be overtaken by ... Read More »