What is outplacement assistance?

Answer Companies that experience layoffs, mergers or acquisitions can help their former employees make the transition to another company. One method to help terminated employees is providing outplacement ... Read More »

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What is outplacement?

According to the Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary, outplacement is "the process of easing unwanted or unneeded executives out of a company by providing company-paid assistance in finding them ne... Read More »

What is outplacement counseling?

In some cases, an employer may help a terminated employee find a new job. This process is referred to as outplacement counseling.IdentificationIn outplacement counseling, a terminated person recei... Read More »

What is adoption assistance?

An adoption subsidy, or adoption assistance, is a government benefit to offset the costs of adopting and raising a special needs child. The benefit may take the form of one-time and monthly payment... Read More »

What is refinancing assistance?

Refinancing assistance is when homeowners in danger of losing their houses are offered to restructure their mortgages in order to make payments affordable.DefinitionSince 2009, the U.S. government ... Read More »