Who plays Artie Bucco on the TV series The Sopranos?

Answer John Ventimiglia played the role of Artie Bucco on the HBO television series "The Sopranos." Ventimiglia is a character actor who often plays the role of the tough guy. His other credits include gu... Read More »

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What does osso buco mean?

Osso buco is a dish of braised veal shanks. When translated from Italian, "osso buco" means "hollowed bone" or "bone with a hole." The prepared dish gets its taste from the bone marrow, which flavo... Read More »

How to Make Veal Osso Buco?

Osso Buco is really scrumptious. There is a little more involved than a lot of meals, but the taste makes it worth it!

How to Make Osso Buco Red Pasta Sauce?

Classic Osso Buco is a hallmark of Italian cuisine that accompanies a white, veal-based sauce and uses. However, the recipe can easily be modified to incorporate a red sauce that pairs well with pa... Read More »