What is osmotic lysis?

Answer Osmotic lysis occurs when a cell membrane bursts or ruptures due to excessive water entering the cell through osmosis. Osmosis is the process where a fluid, usually water, moves across a membrane f... Read More »

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What is a protein lysis buffer protocol?

A protein lysis buffer protocol is a series of precise steps scientists use to rupture biological cells and isolate proteins. The protocol is essentially a recipe that uses a number of chemicals in... Read More »

What is osmotic dehydration?

Osmotic dehydration is the process of dehydrating foods, most commonly fruits and vegetables, by soaking them in salty or sugary solution. This solution has high "osmotic" pressure, which means tha... Read More »

What is Electro Osmotic Consolidation?

Soils such as clay are not very porous, and water has a difficult time moving through it. The scientific process of electro osmotic consolidation helps move water through the soil.

Osmotic Diuresis & Diabetes?

An estimated "12 million people in the United States have diabetes and don't even know it," according to Medicine Net. These unsuspecting individuals need medical attention. You or a loved one may ... Read More »