What is organizational ADD?

Answer The concept of Organizational ADD (attention deficit disorder) was originated by Thomas Davenport and John Beck in their book "The Attention Economy," published by the Harvard Business Press in 200... Read More »

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What role does organizational leadership play in creating&sustaining organizational culture?

On One Hand: Strong Organizational Leadership Sustains Culture.Strong organizational leadership is a requirement for creating and sustaining organizational culture. Without strong leadership, organ... Read More »

LLC Organizational Structure?

Limited liability companies offer some of the advantages of corporations without the extensive regulation applied to publicly held firms. Additionally, owners of LLCs are not subject to the double-... Read More »

What Causes Organizational Decline?

Over time, organizational progress, productivity and efficiency can decline for a number of reasons. If the organization is unable to keep up with customer needs, can't meet current demand or finds... Read More »

Why is an organizational chart used?

An organizational chart represents all the departments and staff of a company. With this chart, stakeholders in the business can understand the prevalent authority-responsibility setup and work rel... Read More »