What is organizational ADD?

Answer The concept of Organizational ADD (attention deficit disorder) was originated by Thomas Davenport and John Beck in their book "The Attention Economy," published by the Harvard Business Press in 200... Read More »

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What role does organizational leadership play in creating&sustaining organizational culture?

On One Hand: Strong Organizational Leadership Sustains Culture.Strong organizational leadership is a requirement for creating and sustaining organizational culture. Without strong leadership, organ... Read More »

What is organizational leadership?

Organizational leadership is the study of how to lead people within an organization, and how such leadership affects the organization's performance. It is mostly focused on maintaining levels of in... Read More »

What is organizational structure?

Organizational structure is not only an executive and managerial hierarchy, it is also the way that a company can effectively communicate. Without structure in place, the transfer of ideas and info... Read More »

What is organizational conflict?

The study of organizational behavior suggests that organizational conflict is a natural occurrence in a company's life cycle. This is because organizations are never picture perfect. The best way t... Read More »