What is organic insecticide?

Answer That just means the active ingredient was derived from nature. Don't assume that means it is automatically safe to use. Pyrethrin is natural but you difinately don't want to spray too much in a poo... Read More »

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Is it worth buying organic seeds and what is the difference between organic and non-organic seeds?

Well, now wait a minute. If the seeds were produced by Monsanto, there are genetically modified seed. No getting around that one. You have to read the package to see where the seeds originated f... Read More »

What can be said of the organic foods in an organic store?

Organic foods may sell at higher prices than their non-organic equivalents in grocery stores. For their growers and distributors number far less than those of commercial, conventional, non-organic ... Read More »

What is a systemic insecticide?

Systemic insectide is a insectide that's absorbed through the roots of plants and makes the plants toxic. It works against bugs that suck or chew or the plant, such as aphids or caterpillers. It is... Read More »

What is arctic insecticide?

Arctic insecticide is a broad-spectrum permethrin insecticide used on a large range of crops. It's formulated as a liquid emulsified concentration that is soluble in water and liquid fertilizers fo... Read More »