What is organic gardening?

Answer Organic is totally natural no pesticides or plant foods unless it states they are organic products.there are organic solutions instead of chemical for most gardening. Organic gardening is the way i... Read More »

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What is a type of gardening that utilizes organic compost for fertilizers?

Organic is the type of gardening that includes the use of compost for fertilizers. Properly made compost breaks down aerobically, in the presence of adequate amounts of moisture, light, and heat. I... Read More »

How to Use Organic Pesticides for Gardening?

Unwanted insects and pests can destroy your garden. If you love to garden and you are concerned about the environment as well as your health, you would probably prefer to use natural or organic pes... Read More »

Organic gardening question?

Hold on. Most pesticides used today have little residual effect. The ferts applied have already dissipated. Your soil is probably in pretty decent shape believe it or not.Go ahead and start a compo... Read More »

Organic Vegetable Gardening Tips?

Planting your own vegetables allows you to grow organic, chemical-free produce in your own backyard. Providing the proper nutrients while also preventing insects and disease problems is sometimes m... Read More »