What is organic chicken?

Answer Farming of organic produce and livestock, such as chicken, continues to grow. Knowing what it means when a chicken is labeled as organic will help you make the best choices for you and your family.... Read More »

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Why are non-organic chicken eggs white?

The exact breed/type of chicken determines the color of the egg. Different farms use different breeds of chickens.

Which Is a Better Organic Compost: Guano or Chicken Manure?

Originating from several types of bats and sea birds, guano manure has been highly prized since the ancient Peruvians for its value as fertilizer. According to the National Sustainable Agriculture ... Read More »

The Benefits of Organic, Free-Range Chicken?

Organic, free-range chickens are often thought to be more healthy for consumption than chickens from other farms. Raised without using any hormones or antibiotics, the chickens have a more natural ... Read More »

Is it worth buying organic seeds and what is the difference between organic and non-organic seeds?

Well, now wait a minute. If the seeds were produced by Monsanto, there are genetically modified seed. No getting around that one. You have to read the package to see where the seeds originated f... Read More »