If an identical twin donates 1 of his organs to his sibling the siblings body will not try to reject the organ therefore the receiver of the organ will not have to take drugs to prevent the rejection?

Answer Complications arise in pregnancy when the mother is Rh negative and her partner is Rh positive. If he is Rh negative there will be no complications from Rh incompatibility (hemolytic disease).While... Read More »

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What organ is the accessory organ of the integumentary system?

The intergumentary system has more than one accessory organ; among these are the air follicles, sebaceous glands, sweat glands and nails. The skin is the primary organ of the intergumentary system.... Read More »

What equipment do you need for harvesting hay?

To harvest hay, you will need a swather, rake, bale wagon and a baler. A swather is a farm instrument that cuts hay. A rake is needed to harvest the hay into a localized area. A baler is needed to ... Read More »

Avocado harvesting?

i have over 100 mature avocado trees under my care. 2 post graduate degrees in science, been a state certified univ of calif master gardener for over 15 years and the answer to your question is...... Read More »

Apple Harvesting Techniques?

Harvesting apples can be a simple process in the home garden or orchard. Apples must be mature, which you can recognize by a firm, crisp skin, rich color and juicy flesh. If you harvest an apple t... Read More »