What is operant learning in psychology?

Answer Operant learning, also called operant conditioning, is a learning theory derived from behaviorism. Behaviorists believe that psychological understanding should be based only on observable behaviors... Read More »

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What is the psychology of learning?

The term "learning" implies some long-term change in an individual's knowledge or in behavior. The psychology of learning consists of a range of learning theories that try to understand and explain... Read More »

What is learning psychology?

Learning psychology, also known as cognitive psychology, is the study of how people think, learn and solve problems. It is a broad field that focuses on many different aspects of the human mind, in... Read More »

Concepts of Learning in Psychology?

The field of psychology has extensively researched ways in which learning occurs. Researchers with backgrounds in philosophy, psychology, science and medicine have implemented their fields of knowl... Read More »

What is the transfer of learning in psychology?

Transfer of learning, a basic principle of learning theory in educational psychology, involves the ability to transfer understanding from one situation to a another situation, whether similar or di... Read More »